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Punane 18, Tallinn

Addiction counseling

What is harm reduction?

The aim of harm reduction is to reduce the harm and costs of drug use to the user, their loved ones and society The harm-reduction service includes a range of social support services, such as counselling and referral to professionals, the spread of comprehensive information, as well as supplying means for safer injecting and sexual activity.

Substitution treatment for opioid addiction

A new opioid substitution treatment clinic has just opened at Punane 18, Tallinn. The aim of substitution treatment is to help people reduce their dependence on opioids (fentanyl, heroin, morphine, opium, etc.) and to give users a better chance of finding their place in society. For treatment, we use methadone, currently the most common drug in Estonia, combined with psychological and social counselling. Treatment does not require a prior referral to a family doctor or other medical practitioner and is free of charge for all clients, including those without Haigekassa (health insurance). In order to start the substitution treatment, the client must be sober, bring identification (ID-card, driving licence, passport) and be prepared to stay up to one hour for the initial appointment. At the appointment, an initial assessment is carried out, the necessary tests are taken and treatment is prescribed. To avoid long waiting time, we recommend that you let us know in advance: by calling +372 56 011 990 or contacting A loved one can also contact us for advice and support on how to encourage the user to seek treatment. We offer the service in cooperation with Tervise Arengu Instituut (Institute for Health Development).

Useful information on opioid substitution treatment: