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Mental Health Clinic

We welcome you to see a psychologist, mental health nurse, social worker or experience counsellor. Our psychologists and nurses also offer appointments online. To do this, select “e-consultation” when booking.

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In our clinic

We are focused on mental health issues and offer a holistic approach and professional interventions based on the specific needs of each client. We listen to your concerns and find the best solutions in partnership with you.

In addition to general mental health problems, we specialise in addictive disorders with a narrower focus on drugs and psychotropic substances. We have the experience and knowledge to help patients with different addictions using and combining modern science-based interventions. When you contact us, you will receive expert advice and support tailored to your specific needs.


Your confidentiality is always guaranteed when you come to our clinic. We treat our clients as equal partners, without judgement. We want to offer you the best possible help and support.

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We offer paid and free services

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Mental health nurse

Mental health nurses address various mental health problems, assess health status and health risks, and provide counselling to patients and their families.

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A psychologist is specialised in psychological counselling and prevention of mental health problems.

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Social counselling

A social worker helps a person to develop or restore his or her independent psychosocial coping mechanisms.

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Addiction counseling

The aim of addiction counselling is to help clients to better understand their addiction problem, to motivate them and to help them find the resources to make changes.

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Harm reduction

Harm reduction is aiming to reduce the harm and costs of drug use to the user, their loved ones and society at large.


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