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Harm reduction

What is harm reduction?

The aim of harm reduction is to reduce the harm and costs of drug use to the user, their loved ones and society

The harm-reduction service includes a range of social support services, such as counselling and referral to professionals, the spread of comprehensive information, as well as supplying means for safer injecting and sexual activity. The service is free of charge for drug users and their loved ones.

From January 2022, in cooperation with the National Institute for Health Development, we offer outpatient nursing care at the Harm Reduction Centre (Lastekodu 6, Tallinn), which has now been joined by another centre at Plasti 23, Tallinn.

Online consultation is a great option in respect of virus outbreaks and other unexpected life events, including personal choice: Mon-Fri 10.00-20.00.

Consultation is carried out via online chat, Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Attend a consultation and get the information you need safely and anonymously.